My Favorite Locations

Below is a list of my favorite locations. These are tried and true locations that have gorgeous light and beautiful scenery!

Erwin Park – McKinney, Texas

Large park that has beautiful evening light. This location does not require a lot of walking because you can drive right up to most of the best spots for the session.

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Russell Creek Park – Plano, Texas

This location has beautiful early morning light. If you can make an early morning session work this location is gorgeous and very easy to get to. A short walk from the parking lot and you are surrounded by large trees and big open grassy areas!

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Arbor Hills Nature Preserve – Plano, Texas

Beautiful rural location that has a lot of wide open space, trees and a creek. It is a nature preserve so there tend to be more “critters” at this location but I have not run into any issues with them! 🙂 This location does require quite a bit of walking to get down into the good areas. I suggest bringing a stroller for younger kids and a comfortable pair of shoes!

 My Favorite Locations My Favorite Locations My Favorite Locations

These are just a few of my favorite locations – more to come!