In-home Lifestyle Newborn Session

Thank you so much for booking your in-home lifestyle newborn session with Becky Zeugin Photography! I am so excited to work with you and your growing family! Lifestyle sessions are my favorite type of session!

Lifestyle sessions are candid and natural photographs of your new family taken in your home. Lifestyle sessions are minimally posed images capturing your new bundle of joy!  I will bring some props for the lifestyle session but we will focus on incorporating things from your home and family into the session. Don’t worry, I will help guide you into a flattering position and then let things unfold naturally between you and your family!

Below are a few tips to help you prepare for your session! Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

 In home Lifestyle Newborn Session


Your Home:

When I arrive for the newborn session I will need to look around your home for the places with the best available natural light (sunlight – not lamps!). If possible try and have all the curtains and mini blinds open and the overhead lights turned off  so I can easily see the natural light in your home.  Places I like to utilize during a newborn session in your home – the nursery, the master bedroom, the family room or right next to your largest window or sliding glass door!

I LOVE to do the family pictures (and a big part of the session) on your bed in the master bedroom. It’s a good place because it’s usually the largest bed in the home and we can fit an entire family there! It’s where our kiddos feel the most comfortable (and parents too)! If you have a light colored comforter then have that on your bed for the day of the session. Light colors tend to photograph best for natural light sessions. If your home/bedroom has a darker color scheme that is okay too!

It’s best to remove any clutter in the main areas of your home before the session. You do not need to hire a maid to professionally clean your home and it doesn’t matter if your coutertops are squeaky clean! We just need the clutter removed from nightstands, tables, counter tops and in the babies nursery.  Just pick up the clutter that is not part of your everyday life and stuff it in a closet somewhere!

Turn up the heat! It helps the baby sleep when the house is a little warmer than usual. We might be sweating a little but remember your little one was just in a nice, cozy 98.6 womb so they like to be warm!

 In home Lifestyle Newborn Session

 In home Lifestyle Newborn Session
Session Time and Length:

I usually schedule my in-home sessions around 10AM in the morning. This is a good time because babies tend to sleep better in the mornings and the light is usually best then. If you home gets better light during the afternoons (west facing windows) then please let me know! In-home lifestyle newborn sessions usually take 1-2 hours which will give us enough time to capture images of the family, the baby, baby with parents and baby with sibling (or four legged siblings) if applicable!

 In home Lifestyle Newborn Session

What to Wear:

For the baby – Simple, neutral onesies photograph best on the baby. Sometimes the cute little outfits tend to “swallow” the baby but onsies tend to fit best and also help show off just how little the baby is. I will also bring a few wraps with me and we can photograph the baby at the end of the session in a simple wrap as well.

Clothing choice is completely based on YOUR style! These are your pictures after-all! If you love simple, go with simple. If you love fun color, then grab some color! Just stay away from everyone matching. Coordinating colors is best. Also try to avoid busy patterns and character shirts (or anything with a large logo). Make sure everyone is wearing something comfortable!

Clothing suggestions:

For moms I recommend a long flowy maxi dress, gown or blue jeans and a flowy blouse works too. Try to stick with lighter colors – ivory, cream, soft grey, light blue or blush. You just had a baby so make sure you are comfortable!

For dad I recommend a button down shirt or tee with blue jeans. Again, try to stick with lighter colors like white, light blue, light grey. etc.

For siblings – Keep it simple. Big brothers can wear blue jeans with a shirt and big sisters can wear a simple dress or jeans and tank or tee.

 In home Lifestyle Newborn Session

 In home Lifestyle Newborn Session

 In home Lifestyle Newborn Session
The Day of the Session:

Feeding Schedule: Please try to give the baby a nice big full feeding just before the session start time. We want the baby to be nice and full so they will be sleepy and happy for the duration of the session. If we need to stop for a feeding that’s okay too!

 In home Lifestyle Newborn Session

 In home Lifestyle Newborn Session

Some Final Notes:

My goal for our session is for things to be as casual and comfortable as possible.We will just go with the flow! That is my mantra for sessions with babies and toddlers… just go with the flow! Don’t worry if the baby does not sleep for the session. Since babies are usually a little older than two weeks for the lifestyle session they may not sleep as well and that’s okay! If they are awake then we’ll capture some great images of them interacting with the family.

Lifestyle sessions are about documenting your new life with a newborn and less about distracting props and poses. I only ask you to look at the camera for a few shots. Most of the time I will ask you to NOT look at me and to focus on enjoying your baby and family. I want to capture connection between you and baby and all the emotion that goes with adding a new baby to your family! We’ll grab a few “traditional” posed pictures of everyone looking at the camera but the majority of the session will be capturing the connection within your new family!



I look forward to our session!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail,

Becky Zeugin

Owner, Becky Zeugin Photography

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