In-Home Newborn Session Info

In-Home Newborn Session
The best time to photograph newborns is before they are 12 days old. When you book your newborn session I will tentatively schedule the newborn session on your due date but once the baby is born we will set the official date and time for the session. It is very important that  you contact me as soon as possible after the baby is born so that we can get the session scheduled within the first 12 days of life! You can call, email or text me when the baby is born and I will get back to you ASAP with a date for the newborn session.

 In Home Newborn Session Info

The day of the session…
Newborn sessions generally take 2-3 hours to allow time for feeding, soothing and settling.
When I arrive for the newborn session I will need to look around your home for the places with the best available natural light (sunlight – not lamps!). If possible try and have all the curtains and blinds open as much as possible so I can easily see the light in your home. Don’t worry about not having enough light in your home, I have yet to find a client’s home that I could not find good light in! If all else fails I bring studio lights with me as backup if needed!

Warmth and Feeding…
Warm babies with full bellies are the key to a successful newborn session! I will bring a space heater to warm the area where the baby is but if possible turn the heat UP in the house during the session!
I want baby to have a big feeding starting about 10 minutes before I am scheduled to arrive. Once I arrive it will take me about 15-20 min to look around your house, carry all my props in and set up. We want baby to be very full, and sleepy, so please don’t rush. Take your time. This will help aid in getting them into a deep sleep.
Plan on extra feedings during the newborn session! If possible try to have a bottle or two available so that we can feed the baby as it helps them settle and fall fast asleep. If you don’t use bottles that is okay too! Just plan on some extra nursing during the session. Newborns burn a lot of calories in order to stay warm. Since they will spend a lot of the session without clothes they will be burning a lot of extra calories, thus the need to eat a little more.
Try to keep the baby awake for at least two hours before the session. I know this is easier said than done but it really helps ensure that the baby will be sleepy and we can get those nice curled up sweet, sleepy pictures of your little one!

 In Home Newborn Session Info

A Few Notes…
We will stop for feeding time, cuddles, anything baby needs. We are completely at their mercy. And please don’t feel bad if it takes a while to get baby asleep. Don’t feel the need to rush a feeding because I am there. Often, I know moms feel they are “wasting my time” because baby is feeding slowly. Take your time. There is no time wasted.
Poop and pee happens…often on my blankets and props. I am prepared for it and expect it at every session.
MOST IMPORTANT…You are the parents. You have the final say in everything. If you are uncomfortable with a pose or prop I want to use, please say so. This goes for feedings, sleeping etc. If you feel you have had enough, tell me.
I look forward to your session!
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail,

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