Preparing for your Studio Newborn Session

Thank you for booking your newborn session with Becky Z Photography! Below is all the information that you should need to prepare for your newborn session!

 Studio Newborn Session


The best time to photograph newborns is before they are three weeks old.  Once your baby has been born please contact me within a few days to schedule your session. The sooner you notify me the better! For babies weighing less than 6lbs it is best to wait until they are over 6lbs for the session. Babies that are less than 6lbs tend to look “skinny” and they also tend to eat a lot more and will probably cluster feed a lot during the session. I highly recommend waiting until the baby is over 6lbs for their first photo session!

What to Expect

Newborn sessions can be LONG! Sessions generally take 2-3 hours to allow time for feeding, soothing and settling.  I will have water, soft drinks and snacks in the studio for you and your family to help yourself to during the session. Feel free to bring a laptop, tablet or book to read during the session.
The studio has two small rooms adjacent to each other. You are welcome to sit in the shooting room during the session and watch or you can relax on the couch in the sitting room. Most moms and dads like to use the session to take a break and just relax. I will do most of the posing of the baby on my own but there are some poses that do require assistance from mom or dad and I will let you know when I need an extra set of hands!

I have a large collection of hats, wraps, headbands, blankets, baskets and props! You are not required to bring any props but if there is something you would like to bring for the session please feel free. I will do my best to incorporate it in the the session.

 Studio Newborn Session

Tips for a successful session!

  • We will want the baby to be nice and full so that they will be sleepy for their session!  Feed the baby right before you leave to come to the studio. Make sure the baby takes a nice full feeding! Even if this changes up your feeding schedule a bit – it’s essential to get the baby nice and full just before the session. Also plan on extra feedings during the newborn session! It’s a good idea to have a bottle or two available so that we can feed the baby as it helps them settle and fall fast asleep. If you don’t use bottles that is okay too! Just plan on some extra nursing during the session. Newborns burn a lot of calories in order to stay warm. Since they will spend a lot of the session without clothes they will be burning a lot of extra calories, thus the need to eat a little more.
  • Dress the baby is something that is easy to remove without waking the baby. Loose fitting sleepers that zip or button up the front are great so you don’t have to pull anything over the babies head. Also, no need for socks, pants or shoes – the less things we have to take off the baby and disturb them the better!

Nursing Mothers – Very Important! The days leading up to the session it’s very important to avoid foods that may cause discomfort for the baby. It has been my experience that when moms avoid the following foods then the baby is much more comfortable and settled during the session. This will ensure that we have a successful session and that the baby will be calm and comfortable! The most common foods to avoid include:

  • Acidic foods, such as lemons, oranges, berries, pizza, spaghetti, chili, and tomato products
  • Gassy vegetables, such as asparagus, onions, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower
  • Foods that should be restricted, such as soda, coffee, and beer. Avoiding coffee is a big one! A lot of mom’s forget that when they enjoy coffee (caffeine) to help them wake up – it’s also keeps the baby awake!

What to bring:

  • Extra diapers and wipes. I do have wipes on-hand at the studio but if you prefer to use your own please bring extras.
  • Pacifier/Soother, specifically the blue-green one they give you at the hospital if you have one (they are best so they don’t leave a mark on the baby’s face). Even if the baby doesn’t normally take one very well it helps to have one on-hand to sooth the baby during posing. If you are wanting to try the “froggy pose” (chin in hands with feet forward) then a pacifier is almost always needed to sooth the baby.
  • Gas drops (Mylicon). Even if you avoid gassy foods babies have very sensitive tummies and get gas very easily. This can make babies uncomfortable during posing so it’s best to have gas drops on-hand if needed.

For mom and dad it’s best to wear something neutral colored.  Keep it simple. Try to avoid clothes with busy patterns or bright vivid colors. Don’t worry too much about shoes either, most of the images are cropped really close so your shoes will not be seen.
For siblings I also recommend something simple and casual like a plain white tee and jeans for boys or a plain white dress for girls.

 Studio Newborn Session

 Studio Newborn Session

Session Flow:

If we are doing sibling pictures then I usually start with those. Then we’ll do family pictures and pictures with mom and baby and dad and baby. I will then move onto pictures of just the baby in props and on my posing beanbag.

A few notes…

  • The studio is kept at a very warm 80-85 degrees to help keep the baby warm while they are photographed. Babies have a hard time maintaining their body temperature so I use heaters so they don’t get too cold. Please make sure mom and dad dress in layers so that you don’t get too hot!
  • Poop and pee happens…often on my blankets and props. I am prepared for it and expect it at every session.
  • MOST IMPORTANT…You are the parents. You have the final say in everything. If you are uncomfortable with a pose or prop I want to use, please say so. This goes for feedings, sleeping etc. If you feel you have had enough, tell me. Studio Newborn Session

If there are any questions that I have not answered please don’t hesitate to ask!

The studio is located in beautiful downtown McKinney! The address is 107 1/2 E. Virginia Street McKinney, TX 75069. The entrance to the studio is located in between Cynthia Elliot’s Boutique and The Little Red Hen. My studio is located upstairs so when you open the door to the studio just come up the stairs and you should find me! Feel free to call me if you are not able to find the studio 972-822-6823.